Carga Horária de 24 horas de aperfeiçoamento de Soldadura TIG (141) / SMAW 111 ou MAG (136 / 138) com técnicas de OffShore
Possibilidade de realização de exames de qualificação em diversas posições e com diversos materiais
Qualificação segundo a EN 9606-1  2013 ou AWS D1.1.1.2015 ou ASME IX Certificação Lloyd's
Regime Laboral ou Pós Laboral
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Leirinav Lda
Cursos de Soldadura
Cursos de Soldadura
Quality Welding School
Definição do processo
Equipamentos e acessórios
Consumíveis de soldadura
Identificar os paramêtros de soldadura adequados ao processo
Identificar os defeitos e as causas na soldadura.
Interpretação de WPS
Realização de soldaduras em várias posições
Respeitar as regras de Segurança e Higiene a realizar antes, durante e no fim do processo
Duração 24 horas
Laboral ou Pós laboral
Practice proves that merely training welders to obtain an officially recognized diploma is not enough for them to achieve good results under difficult circumstances. Effective training in simulated
practical environments is therefore an absolute must.
QWS Leirinav provides additional training courses in the arts of SMAW,and FCAW welding and the gouging of carbon based metals
At the end of the courses each participant undergoes a welding test under the supervision of Lloyds Register. If the test is successful under the strict

current code specifications, Lloyds can use the laboratory test report to make out a final certificate. After completing a course, the welder will have expanded his or her field of expertise, and more specifically, expanded it to the level which is demanded by- and customary in, the Offshore and Heavy Construction industries. See more
Projects World Presence
Europe (Portugal / Spain / Netherlands / France)
North America (USA / Mexico)
South America (Brazil / Argentina / Ecuador)
Africa (Gabon /  Republic of Congo)
Asia (Thailand / Malaysia / UAE)
Abertas as Inscrições
Aperfeiçoamento de Soldadura Offshore
TIG (141) / SMAW (111) ou MAG (136/138-135)
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Leirinav Lda can supply services for the Offshore world, particularly for Heavy Construction industries, as for Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Industry.  Leirinav Lda has qualified staff from certified welders to AWS Welding Inspectors.  See more